Identity Design

Packaging Design

The brand world developed reflects simplicity and captures the goodness of nature, to match the Innocent persona.


Cocukalhi Essentials approached our studio to create a new brand identity for them. The brand was launching an organic hair masque in the market and needed assistance in packaging.

The brand is committed to addressing beauty concerns by turning to clean ingredients inspired from ancient Indian remedies.

Studio Moonrise was tasked with developing a brand world that celebrates the unfiltered goodness of nature.


An archetype discovery workshop was conducted to better understand the personality traits of Cocukalhi Essentials. The purpose of this workshop was to identify the life characteristics that capture the brand’s core. After the workshop concluded, It was found that the brand lies in the Innocent Archetype. The innocent archetype has values of simplicity, goodness and the essence of purity.

The next step was to develop a tone of voice for the brand. The brand voice and overall vocabulary developed was warm and honest, to promote sentiments of wholesomeness. These emotions matched the innocent brand persona.

A visual identity system and brand world was developed on the basis of the Innocent archetype. The brand world created captures the goodness of nature and the essence of purity (that are characteristics of this archetype).

The overall aesthetic is simple and minimal, to evoke the idea that the ingredients in the product are clean and pure, and therefore can be trusted by the consumer. The flower motif on the logo links to nature and represents the floral ingredients used in the product.



The new pack design has illustrations which are inspired by the colourful and vibrant floral ingredients found in the hair masque. The design style is a watercolour effect, which gives a realistic yet subtle look. As the brand positions itself as being exclusive and premium, the chosen design style matches the desired perception.

The design strategy developed for Cocukalhi Essentials was bolstered by comprehensive qualitative research that was conducted by our team of strategists. This research helped us better understand the market landscape that the brand would launch into.