The Moonrise Story

In the last decade, humans have undergone overwhelming changes. From reusable rockets to accessible, self administering health tests, progress is made in leaps. At the core is a desire for innovation and to make a meaningful difference in the lives of people.

Moonrise is born from this philosophy: to provide branding tools to the new generation of brands in a fresh, elevated and pathbreaking fashion. We bring global learnings to local brands.


Anandita Goenka

2 years of diverse industry experience across categories, from Consumer Goods to Luxury Retail with award-winning global agencies.

Vision & Mission

The elevated approach we take through innovation & disruptive consistency, is visually represented through ‘the arc’ a metaphor for moonrise.

Business Impact
we Promise

At Moonrise, we do not want to be a 'studio', but rather your brand partners, that will nourish & protect your brand. We aim to be your brand guardians and plan to do so by promising:
  • Improved brand salience & recall

  • Innovative brand activation online

  • Stronger brand presence in your category

  • Enhanced awareness of your brand

  • Increased consumer interest in your product offering